Inter-est has been working alongside the insurance industry since 2000 to increase efficiency and drive revenue across the FNOL process. All our modules work together to create an intelligent central hub for swift, secure and single view communication with constant monitoring, reminding and managing the end-to-end claims management process for ultimate efficiency.

Through our unique approach of combining the latest AI and decision support technology, our flagship product Inter-cept is delivering unrivalled cost savings today, whilst providing a strategic roadmap for tomorrow's AI capability.

Offering a portfolio of applications that can work independently, through third party applications, or as part of the Inter-est ecosystem, we are challenging and changing the FNOL/ENOL operation for an altogether more efficient, quicker, accurate and streamlined operation.

A connected, cloud based, enterprise solution that triages accident damaged vehicles at ENOL/FNOL to deliver you the increased revenue and improved customer experience you need today

An Application to alleviate stress points, friction and costs in progression management through collaborative working, transparency and automation to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction

A cloud based platform that harnesses the latest in intelligent decision support technology to enable faster, more efficient and highly accurate assessments to cut cost and save time

A range of Camera Apps to enable customers and mobile operators to share images of an accident damage vehicle quickly and easily