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We took a look at how vehicle accidents are handled by the industry. Across the board. We saw ways to make things better. And quicker. For everyone. So we implemented game-changing solutions. In the Cloud for maximum availability. Minimising time off the road. The results:

"Inter-est are ahead of the curve. In-line with where the industry is going, not stuck in its historical roots. They are building the future." Motor Insurer

Innovation in claims management

Optimising processes

Why are claims handled how they are? Isn't there a better way?
Yes. Inter-est.

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Automating activities

Where can software do things quicker than people? Let staff focus on adding value.

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Understanding data

What does all the information mean? Really? True visibility gives control. And consistency.

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Improving performance

How can things be done better and quicker? Which also means more value.

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News and updates

New Photo Solutions

New Photo Solutions

Three New Photo Solutions Released by Inter-est
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Equity Press Release

Equity Insurance

Equity Insurance signs deal
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